A path to reading success

Bridge2Read is a FREE set of instructional resources based on research that will help your students learn to read. These materials are for any K-3 educators, interventionists, and teachers who cover reading with students.

Why use Bridge2Read?

It’s completely free to use

Concrete, accessible, research-based tools

Only 30 minutes of daily instruction

Builds key early literacy foundational skills

Customizable to your classroom skill level and needs

Training and ongoing support provided

Get access to Bridge2Read

To get access to Bridge2Read, you must fill out the linked copyright user agreement. Once you fill it out, you’ll get an email that will give you access to all Bridge2Read materials. 

Any teacher or educator can have access to these materials – no prior training is required. 

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Bring Bridge2Read to your school or district

We partner with schools, districts, and the MN Department of Education to help bring Bridge2Read to classrooms across Minnesota. If you’re interested in bringing Bridge2Read to your school or district, connect with us at!